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His face was cold and heartfelt,
weakened by a glance,
He looked lost to convention ,
as though there were not another chance,
His smiles seemed planted ,
as though they had been rehearsed ,
and when he sopke he sopke in riddles ,
as if hed memorized every verse,
from his baseball cap to his boots,
he looked like a slef man doll ,
factory made and glossed ,
as if hed not been played with at all ,
His hands reminded me of porcline,
lack of feeling and cold ,
HIs eyes told a story for everyone to read ,
and if you listened hard enough ,
I could almost hear him breathe,
He spoke of war and poverty ,
Of old times and fears ,
He said long before when things were eaiser ,
things always seemed so clear ,
He softly spoke of trials ,
that everyman must endure ,
In order to find a peace of mind ,
To be cleansed and pure ,
He told tails of dreams and God ,
of faith and tribulation ,
Of overcoming strif ,
and by passing altercation,
The longer that he spoke ,
The more my life seemed small ,
its issues petty and minute ,
the eaiser i shamed my self ,
at all the things I say and do ,
before leaving his side ,
I shook his hand in delight ,
For there must have been a lesson ,
I was ment to learn tonight ,
Take everyday as it comes,
Try not to always plan ,
theres a difference in living ,
and just being who I am ,
Stop complaining about the past ,
for things are said and done ,
bemore concerned about the future ,
with every spoken word..
Life is not a battle ,
But a advanture to be tested ,
Who we are is but a speckle ,
Upon another of Gods vessles .
As i truned to face the stranger ,
there was not a man in site ,
But where he stood there was a penny ,
shining in delight.


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I see your face in the shadows,
Of my own tangled web,
In my mind I hold you ,
And bring yesterday back again,

If its wrong for me to love you ,
Then I am glad that Im not right,
Cause when it happend,
Or where it come from ,
doesnt bother me tonight .

I know distance is great ,
And I know this is insane,
But everything about you ,
has my heart over flowing ,
at the mention of your name ,

They might think that we are crazy ,
I think that this is true ,
BUt no matter what they say ,
I know each second brings me closer to you.

I close my eyes at night ,
and your face paints its way ,
across my heart and my mind,
And it seems to ease my pain

The reaility falls sound ,
That I am in love with you ,
I tried to avoid these feelings ,
But now they feel so true.

You said why question destiny ,
That its not our right to know,
I agree Just hold on tight ,
I’ll never let you go .

I love you

Simple Thought

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I wish that I could find ,
the right words to say.
to tell you what youve done to me ,
in so many ways.
to tell you how ive searched for you,
in lands far and wide.
How I dream of waking up to you ,
and holding you at night.
How when I close my eyes,
I see a world with you.
Far beyond the elder years,
and the world that we once knew.
our on type of fairy tale.
Written in the stars,
a new form of romance ,
that def raises the bar.
More than I could have prayed for,
or believed.
A match made in heaven.
My Martyn and Me.

In my mind

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In My Eyes,
Cold With Fire,
Much Like Ice ,
That You Admire,
In My Thoughts,
Tapping On My Skin,
Not Enough ,
Just Keep It In ,
In The Mirror,
Spider Webs ,
That Seem Much Clearer,
Feeling Dead,
All Of Me ,
That I can Give ,
Break Away ,
To Let You In ,
Help Me Up,
Till I Can Win,
Be My Air ,
Crawling On My Skin,
Glass Reflections ,
Bits And Peices ,
Sliping Off The Edge,
Loud Noises,
In My Head ,
On My Mind,
In My dreams,
Make me Blind,
Break Away ,
So I Can Breathe ,
Let Me Go,
Help Me Sleep.

Talking to Jesus

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When I made it there this morning .
He was sitting on the edge of the bed,
He had a suit case packed beside him,
and his face was swollen red.

The room seemed so cold,
The years had finally took there course,
And when he spoke he seemed so lonley ,
you could here it in his voice.

He said latley ,
Ive been talking to Jesus ,
lattley I’ve been talking to the moon ,
talking to myself in public places ,
latley , I feel just like a fool .

Sometimes just like a child,
I wear my heart out on my sleeve ,
And latley , Ive learned that faith,
Gives you the strenght,
To do some awesome things.

He droped his head to the floor.
then he looked around this place,
he said thoes pictures on the wall,
remind him of her ways .

He said he went to far a few times,
and come close to the end,
its like fighting an up hill battle,
In a war that you can’t win .

Borrowing against time ,
and barley getting by,
Bitching over a dollar ,
and saving every dime .

He said latley ,
Ive been crying to Jesus ,
latlety Ive been preaching to the moon,
falling asleep in public places ,
latlety , the whiskey doesn’t do .

Don’t loose where you are ,
for fear of where you’ve been ,
and remember when its over ,
Its all oh-kay in the end,
Don’t be afraid to cry ,
cause when its all said and done,
theres going to be many things youve lost ,
and many more you’ve won.

He said latley ,
Ive been talking to Jesus ,
lattley I’ve been talking to the moon ,
talking to myself in public places ,
latley , I feel just like a fool .

He said latley ,
Ive been talking to Jesus ,
lattley I’ve been talking to the moon ,
talking to myself in public places ,
latley , I feel just like a fool .

To Far

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But I cant touch you if Im here
and I cant breath if your not there ,
for me to hold when i wake up ,
everythings cold even with the sun ,
I know i said I could take the pain ,
I was strong enough to,
deal anyway ,
But now im not so sure at all ,
your a click away ,
but you seem so far,
My heart feels you forever more,

The distance seems to surpass the miles,
Id kill to touch you ,
for even an hour ,
just to feel your breath on my sikn ,
then youd take it away ,
Id be alone again ,
People ask how we make it this way ,
To tell you the truth ,
I dont know what to say ,

Theres days I wake up ,
And I cant take the pain ,
Theres nights when I sleep ,
I dream strangest things,
Theres times when the connection ,
Doesnt seem as strong ,
Theres times when I question ,
Is this love at all ,
But ever second without you,
seems so long,

Your on the other side of the world,
And I wonder why its fair,
That I can touch you now,
No I cant have you here.
I promised you Id wait,
Till you come around,
But I just dont see why ,
You cant be just across town ,

Theres days when I thank God for you ,
and days that I just cry ,
Theres moments when its not enough,
And I have no clue why ,
I imagine that you feel this way ,
Whenever my love comes to call ,
I guess we have to take a chance ,
Before we lose it all


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I’ve knocked on hells door,
Iv’e played in Bushes war ,
Iv’e doged the land mines ,
I’ve fought the taliban,

Ive been in Paris Isle ,
They kicked my ass a while,
Came back a better man,
Thank you Uncle Sam .

Im always Faithful ,
Iv’e learned you do or die,
Ive always got your back ,
No man is left behind,

Im not built for speed ,
Were built for stability ,
Nothing beats all we’ve seen ,
Im a United States Marine !

I wave this flag High ,
For everyone to see,
My mottos Semper fi ,
We will remain free.